Helena Bryant performance 1997-2011

2011: Marooned performance in group exhibition, Southwark Cafe Gallery http://garystevens.org/portfolio/archipelago 2008: Rope; something inside, something outside and something inbetween  Colchester Arts Centreand South Hill park, Bracknell; Sally Bangs Live on Stage; the Sun and Doves public house, Camberwell;  Sally Bangs launch installation and performance at The Old Ship Gallery, Shadwell; ‘Sally Bangs Fking Ghosts, New Cross Montague Arms; 2007:“Pavillion”  group work,  (Charlie Fox, Mark McGowan, Jo David, Rachel House, David Collins) Art Caucuses 2007, Tbilisi, Georgia The Art of Protest ; group work with Rediscovered Urban Rituals and Michelle Griffiths, (for Home Live Arts)https://www.homeliveart.com/event/the-art-of-protest/  Battersea park London; “Sally Bangs Tableuaxx” the Flea Pit, Columbia Rd, Hackney 2006:“In Residence” performance and video works, Armenian Centre for Contemporary and Experimental Art, Yerevan, Armenia; “Sally Bangs Plays with Herself”” at London Festival of Theatre offices, Clerkenwell, London; 2005: ‘The Other Woman’ performance /lecture/ presentation , Oxford House, Bethnal Green ‘Two-maids-a-milking’ interactive performance with Michelle Griffiths, Victoria & Albert Museum ‘Art&Money’ eventhttps://www.homeliveart.com/event/art-and-money-at-the-va/ ;‘Hay Day’, Café Gallery projects, Southwark; ‘Giant Pet Carrier’  interactive performance piece at Bow Festival, London,  CIDA Thames gateway creative industry exposition, and Oxford House, Bethnal Green 2004; ‘My Operation’ performance at ‘A’ project exhibition event Fordham Gallery, London; 2003: ‘Sauce – artist and waitress in Residence’ interactive performance at ANTI festival, Kuopio, Finland https://antifestival.com/en/tapahtuma/helene-bryant-uk-sauce/; ‘Propane Girl- intitial explorations’  solo work in progress showing at Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios, London, March 2003; ‘The applications and implications of Sauce’  solo performance at the DUCKIE club, Vauxhall, London; 2002: ‘The Flimsy House of Joy’ soloperformance at OMSK/snub event, Shoredtch. London https://archive.org/details/omskartcollective?tab=about; ‘Playhouse Theatre’ collaboration with Michelle Griffiths, London, 2001 ‘Zero Suit of Invisibility’ Intervention, Hull. ‘Dress for Containing Anger’ solo performances, London; ‘Fear of the Artist’ presentation, Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, 2000; ‘PROTECH – emotional defence wear’ performance installation, Whitstable, Kent; ‘Challenging Behaviour’, Home Live Art,  Camberwell, https://www.homeliveart.com/event/salon-1/1999: ‘Nellies room Rage’ Oxmoor Estate, in Huntingdon, Cambs; ‘Faces of Evil’ participatory video work, ‘Slugwoman makes a Painting’ solo work. as part of ‘Home2’ performance event, https://www.theguardian.com/culture/1999/jul/07/artsfeatures1, and Whitstable Festival of Arts 1998: “Worth” group exhibition, St Pancras, Kings cross, London 1998 contributor of artworks to “2am press” for exhibitions and book fairs including artists bookfair, barbican, London and ‘Bookways” exhibition of British Book Artists, Museum of Foriegn Art, Latvia “Lawn Piece” stallation work at “SculptureContemporaine” group show, Etaples, pays de Calais, France…Also iperformer for Gary Stevens in Wake up and Hide 2006-7 and Slow Life 2003 at Matts Gallery, London,; and in on Kawara’s Reading one Million Years in Trafalgar square 2004 for the South London Gallery; & Walker and Bromwich’s Friendly Frontier Campaign/Love Cannon Parade 2006;& more

Archive at Live Art Development Agency https://www.thisisliveart.co.uk/?s=helena+bryant&post_type=catalogue_item&catalogue_field_type=all&content_field_type=all